As physical therapists and as business owners we have unique insights into stress. We help people as clinicians and we help our teams as business owners. At the same time, we have to keep our stress level at an optimal level in order to perform at the needed level. Let's go over our approach to dealing with stress. Tune in!
Being an entrepreneur is a series of violent collisions. It's not like running a marathon. Entrepreneurship is a violent sport. Learn how to navigate the life in order to emerge successful on this episode of Therapy Insiders Podcast from UpDoc media.
You need continuing education to grow professionally and to maintain your license. How do you choose the best courses? Cervicogenic dizziness is a tough dysfunction, how do you best approach it? Cash-based physical therapy is growing, is it better than traditional physical therapy models? Answers on this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast LIVE.
We embrace failure for what it is, a critical learning experience. We hope you do as well. Some lessons are tougher than others. In this episode, we share a couple stories that exemplify these concepts.
Therapy Insiders podcast is back for a 6th season. We've recorded 122 episodes in over 5 years. It's time to switch things up. Join us to hear what this season has in store for physical therapy!
This may be the most important episode of Therapy Insiders podcast we’ve ever recorded. Imagine…...
Physical Therapy Podcast Worlds Collide. 4 people. 2 podcasts. Many, many tangents. Welcome to Therapy Insiders podcast with PT Pintcast host Jimmy McKay.
[x_custom_headline type=”left” level=”h1″ looks_like=”h2″]WebPT is leading the way in using data to progress physical therapy...
[x_custom_headline type=”left” level=”h1″ looks_like=”h2″]It’s time to integrate nutritional training into physical therapy businesses. [/x_custom_headline] Therapy...
How did Dr. Ryan Smith for from physical therapy student to a solo small business owner to COO of an investor backed Recharge a, integrative health hub in less than 14 months? Find out on this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast.
Way too many people are living sedentary lives. Physical therapists are ideally positioned to tremendously help communities live healthy and active lives. On this episode of Therapy Insiders Podcast Dr. John Rusin shares his thoughts on how Physical Therapy can move forward to Lead the Way.
Do you know how to connect with your audience? Do you know how to grow an audience? Learn how to scale your message with Dr. Jen Esquer or better know to some as @docjenfit on Instagram. Jen joined us on Therapy Insiders Podcast to discuss her story.
Why aren't there more women in leadership roles in healthcare? In Physical therapy? It's an important question that we discuss in this special podcast crossover episode w/ the host of Healthy, Wealthy podcast and Smart Dr. Karen Litzy.