This may be the most important episode of Therapy Insiders podcast we’ve ever recorded. Imagine…...
On this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast, the guys are joined by Matthew Ibrahim a licensed massage therapist and fitness expert. Matthew shares his insights on the importance of lifting, incorporating manual therapy into practice and how he juggles being in a rehab environment.
How much do you know about pain science? How about the best integration of biopsychosocial model into practice? On this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast our guest, Dr. Jason Silvernail goes over those concepts, his cat, military life and more.
On the latest Therapy Insiders podcast, the guys discuss burnout, SFMA/FMA, mentorship and mastery with physical therapist Don Reagan.
Dr. John Rusin breaks down strength and conditioning and physical therapy hybrid approach with Dr. Gene Shirokobrod and Dr. Joe Palmer on UpDoc Media's Therapy Insiders podcast.
How can we best integrate strength and conditioning principals into physical therapy practice? That is the main question Scotty Butcher tackles on this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast.
Therapy Insiders podcast from UpDoc Media kicks off the 2017 season w/ physical therapist Scot Morrison. In the show, we discuss strength and conditioning, role of exercise, mindset, fishing and does any of it truly matter?
Therapy Insiders Podcast closes out 2016 with a review of the top episodes and Dr. Gene Shirokobrod, Dr. Joe Palmer and Dr. Erson Religioso share their predictions for 2017.
What does the future hold for physical therapy within healthcare? A lot of opportunity. How much and what kind? Tune in to this special 100th episode of Therapy Insiders podcast with guest Dr. Tim Flynn to hear.
How much do you really know about the financial world? You live in it. It's all around us. Yet, with student loans, salaries, investments, debt and funding for business there is a lot to know. On this episode we discuss finance in relation to physical therapy, business and school with Will Butler.
What is musculoskeletal ultrasound? How can it help physical therapists better diagnose and treat patients? Find out from Dr. Andrew Ball on this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast.
What do you know about pelvic health? How about work life balance from a woman's perspective? Possibly running a cash PT practice? Regardless, you'll know more after Tracy Sher shares her story on Therapy Insiders podcast.
We get a lot of questions about business, physical therapy and entrepreneurship. Instead of replying privately, we figured if one person asks several must want to know. Here is our second go round with an Ask me Anything episode. Enjoy!
Do you know what a concussion and how to treat it? How about the role of physical therapy in the team approach? Dr. Jessica Schwartz returns to Therapy Insiders podcast to help narrow the gap in understanding of concussion management.
The Insiders, Dr. Gene Shirokobrod, Dr. Joe Palmer and Dr. Erson Religioso, look back at 2016 in this half-year review episode.