We embrace failure for what it is, a critical learning experience. We hope you do as well. Some lessons are tougher than others. In this episode, we share a couple stories that exemplify these concepts.
Why aren't there more women in leadership roles in healthcare? In Physical therapy? It's an important question that we discuss in this special podcast crossover episode w/ the host of Healthy, Wealthy podcast and Smart Dr. Karen Litzy.
Dr. John Rusin breaks down strength and conditioning and physical therapy hybrid approach with Dr. Gene Shirokobrod and Dr. Joe Palmer on UpDoc Media's Therapy Insiders podcast.
What does the future hold for physical therapy and fitness industries? How do we reach the masses with a unified message? Find out on this episode of Therapy Insiders podcast with guest Dr. Kelly Starrett.
On this episode of Healthcare DisruPTion, Andrew Rothschild and Jerry Durham look into who is the most important employee in your clinic business. Hint, it's not the clinician. Find out why.
How important is team work to running a successful business AND having happy customers? In a word; critical. Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschild breakdown how to cultivate teamwork and a culture of growth. Also, how to interview like a rockstar.
…….Welcome to Episode 2 of Healthcare DisruPTion…….   This episode is the first of many...