What does the future hold for physical therapy and healthcare? Healthcare DisruPTion returns for 2017 with a simple question, what if?
How important is the initial call to your business? In a word...critical. Listen to Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschild breakdown the importance of the welcome call as part of the customer lifecycle.
Listen in as Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschild share their favorite business focused books to help you improve your physical therapy business.
On this episode of Healthcare DisruPTion, Andrew Rothschild and Jerry Durham look into who is the most important employee in your clinic business. Hint, it's not the clinician. Find out why.
How important is team work to running a successful business AND having happy customers? In a word; critical. Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschild breakdown how to cultivate teamwork and a culture of growth. Also, how to interview like a rockstar.
Learn how Jerry Durham created the customer lifecycle method of keeping customers happy and crafting a world class experience.
What is a great customer experience? How can you implement it into healthcare? Find out in this interview with author Matt Watkinson.
On the inaugural episode of Healthcare DisruPTion, hosts Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschild introduce the healthcare landscape, share their stories and set up the future episodes.