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Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion 7 The Experience Outcomes
Welcome to the 7th episode of Healthcare DisruPTion with Andrew Rothschild and Jerry Durham.  The conversation continues regarding the Customer Lifecycle.  This episode addresses the objectives of the customer lifecycle such as why do I need to put a lifecycle in place?  You will hear the discussion focus around WHO is the key employee in your company (hint…they do not have initials behind their name).  You will hear how these employee are involved in all the early interactions and becomes the voice of the company!  Lastly, we will discuss how with the Customer Lifecycle in place your employees will be empowered and in place to drive the change to make important improvements in the company.  The future is here, don’t fight it and don’t take it personally.  Time to figure out how to achieve your patient outcomes and keep your patients happy…all at the same time!