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Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion 4 Interview Matt Watkinson Part 2
The conversation with Matt Watkinson, author of “The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences” continues in this episode.  It literally picks up right where it left off.  This talk gets into the topics of Expectations, the Peak End Rule and the Zone of Tolerance.  

Maybe you’ve never heard of some of those phrases before, I hadn’t.  You will not only learn their definitions, you will also learn how to use them to improve your patients experience!  

And of course we discuss favorite books, you might be surprised to hear Matt recommend multiple books on Listening… hmmmm appears to be something needed a lot in Healthcare.

Dont forget to tune into @ARothschildPT on periscope Monday for the Bring It Back To the Clinic discussion.   Thanks for listening and being part of the change.

About Matt from


Matt is an internationally renowned author, speaker and consultant on customer experience, winning the CMI’s Management Book of the Year for his first book, The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences.

He has been cited and interviewed by the world’s leading research firms, and invited to address industry leaders worldwide.

In his early twenties, he enjoyed a brief but successful career as a photographer, an interest he still pursues. He is also a keen musician, playing the piano and the classical guitar.

Beyond creative pursuits, he is hopelessly addicted to surfing. If he says he was in a meeting when you called, chances are he was lying (in the ocean).

Matt lives in Los Angeles and London.