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An Insiders Pint w/ Jimmy McKay from PT Pintcast

Physical Therapy Podcast Worlds Collide

4 people. 2 podcasts. Many, many tangents.

When you have a long running podcast, such as Therapy Insiders, we often get asked about other podcasts in the physical therapy space. While we keep a pulse on the entire industry (see: top 40 influencers), we don’t necessarily listen to every podcast in the industry. One of the podcasts we do keep regular in our podcast playlist is PT Pintcast. So it only made sense to get the host and founder, Jimmy McKay, on Therapy Insiders to talk about…well…everything.

Jimmy has an interesting career origin story. A unique perspective as a podcast host, new grad physical therapist and an advocate for doing good.

Let’s jump right in with the last 2017 episode of Therapy Insiders podcast from UpDoc Media.

Special thank you to WebPT for their continued support of Therapy Insiders podcast. They have been an incredible resource and friends from the very start.