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top blog posts updoc media dr. ben fund, dr. gene shirokobrod, dr. erson religious

top blog posts updoc media dr. ben fund, dr. gene shirokobrod, dr. erson religious

We came.

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As we close out 2015, we are proud to share with you our Top 10 blog posts of 2015. We start in no particular order with…!

1. The opening post which broke our site. That’s right, you all loved this post so much, our site peaked over 20,000 engagements across our social media platform in 24 hours, and, continued to crash our site for the first 12 hours of launch.

The 2015 Physical Therapy Job Market Outlook (Version 2.0)!

2. Sometimes, knowing what stops you is what empowers you to go on. Check out this motivational post about success!

3 Reasons You Are NOT Successful…Yet

3. The word and idea of an “Entrepreneur” is attractive. However, it’s not always glitz and glam. Here are 3 truths about the entrepreneurial experience.

3 Truths of Being an Entrepreneur

4. Marketing Like Disney!

Marketing like Disney

5. This piece on low balling salaries and how it hurts EVERYONE was extremely popular this Fall.

Why Low Balling Salaries Is Hurting EVERYONE: An Open Letter To Employers

6. Value Based Pay, a solution to low balling.

Value Based Pay: Making More Money for EVERYONE

7. How to Attract and Keep Top Talent.

Case Study: Attracting and Keeping Top Talent

8. When everyone thinks you’re awesome, and you’re not quite sure…

The Imposter Syndrome

9. PPS 2015!

A Meeting of Meetings: Private Practice Section 2015

10. Another guest post, this piece on the importance of communication was heavily popular this year.

Are you Listening to Respond or Understand?

Of course, there were many other popular posts from this year. Here are some honorable mentions.

Not surprising, the follow up post to Cinema Air’s first guest post was exceedingly popular.

The Imposter Solution

Dr. Gene Shirokobrod’s reflections of Ascend 2015.

A Business Relationship: Thoughts from Ascend 2015

And, you requested it, we delivered. Here are 5 Resume Must Haves For Healthcare!

5 Resume Must Haves for Healthcare

What did you think about our Top 10 list & honorable mentions?

Were there other posts you in your list of favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments below or find us on Facebook or Twitter!