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You want to be successful, but you’re not. Want to know how to change that? Keep reading to learn 3 reasons and strategies to help guide you to success!

You haven’t defined YOUR success

              It’s a very interesting phenomenon—I’m sure you’ve heard of it—star gazing. No not the celestial gases in the sky. I’m talking about celebrities, millionaires or people who have accomplished what you think you want. How often do you or someone you know define success based on what someone else has done? I’m guessing if you truly think about it, the answer will be shockingly often. That’s a big problem. By trying to emulate someone else’s perceived success you are sabotaging your idea of success. You can never truly achieve someone else’s success because it is arbitrary to you. It’s an assumption. Instead of saying phrases such as “I wish I had…” or “I’ll never have what he/she has…” try starting small with a daily success plan. Sit down and write out what a successful day, week, month and year would be for you. Then as you reach each milestone you will be on your way to true success—your success.

Fear of the Unknown

              This is a big one. A catch 22, chicken or the egg (btw the egg came first)—ok you get the gist. Often, to be successful you need to step away from your comfort zone. That may be a steady pay check, location, or routine. When we attempt to break away from what we know to be safe, it creates a fear of the unknown. The dreaded ‘what if’ rabbit hole. There are so many iterations of ‘what if’ that I won’t even write them down. I’m sure you have a bunch running through your head right now as you read this. So how do you prevent fear of the unknown? Well, this might surprise you…but you don’t! Accept it and embrace it! It’s normal. It’s OK to have a fear of the unknown. What’s not OK is letting that fear overtake you and lead to…

Risk Aversion

              To be successful you NEED to take risks. Calculated, smart and well planned risks. So how do you minimize the fear taking over your thought process? In a word—rationalize. When a ‘what if’ thought comes through your mind, challenge it with a rational analysis of worst case scenario planning. For example, you really want to start a business but are afraid of not being able to pay for the bills. Your worst case scenario could be you burn through your savings and don’t have enough money to pay the bills. That’s scary, right? Now work backwards with ‘if/then’ strategy. If you run out of money, then you can get a part time job to supplement the income. Try it! You’ll see your excitement for success slowly overtake the fear of the unknown and allow you take take better risks!


Now you should be on your way to success. Begin to implement these three strategies into your daily life. Remember to perform a scheduled (daily, weekly or bi-weekly) personal audit to make sure you are staying on track for success! Check out more from our blog on improving your business skills here!


Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

Co-founderUpDoc Media
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