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Marketing is both an art and a science. And, I get asked all time, “what is marketing?”

My answer: Creating demand.

Marketing, at the most sophisticated levels, simply creates demand. While it’s tools may remain the same through sales, promotions, advertising, strategy & analysis, the highest caliber of marketing executes through the strongest fundamental frameworks such as the 4Ps Marketing Mix, SWOT, and the 5 Forces of Competition.

While it may appear to be basic, almost too simple, it is mastery at the fundamental levels which makes the subsequent tiers of performance truly excel.

Today’s #BizFungShui case study:

Disney’s Aladdin Blu-ray release & the closing of the Aladdin show at the Hyperion Theater in Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) in Anaheim.

Following the tragic loss of Robin Williams, the voice of the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin, the park character of the Genie and the show at DCA were never more popular. As the majority of the guests in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California are represented by Annual Passholders (APs), all the loyal fans in Southern California crowded to remember the good times and mourn the loss of Robbin Williams after his passing. However, his magic lingered and the show has remains ever popular.

Well, as Disney likes to do from time to time, it announces its intention to release one of its beloved films from the Disney Vault. The next movie to be released as a Blu-ray Diamond edition: Aladdin. However, they weren’t going to make it easy for us. No, they also announced their plan to shut down the Aladdin show to be replaced by a Frozen musical.

So, what has happened as a result? The demand for the show has severely increased which has lead to an increase in park attendance and show popularity. This will reciprocally drive demand for the loyal APs and their fan spirit in the purchasing of the Blu-ray upon release. This co-branding effect is insanely strong since the majority of Disney fans in Southern California have found some way to pay for their annual passes. This means that the APs who go to the park aren’t really there for the rides. They are there for the park experience; being in the ambiance, seeing the shows, taking pictures, and the heavy consumption of food and merchandise.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Truly, the marketing genius behind Disney is generating all sorts of revenue by the announced release of the Blu-ray through the increased demand via APs knowing that their time to enjoy the beloved show at the Hyperion Theater is limited. Crowding into the theater; laughing and crying as they leave, APs will only have more interest in purchasing the Blu-ray when it comes out. Meanwhile, they spend much money in the experience and consumption of the parks.

Disney, never to be one dimensional, is making big plans for Frozen which is now Disney’s biggest children’s film. Such a move will further drive sales and demand for not only the movie (and any associated shorts and sequels) but merchandising, themed food and park experience through its future show at the Hyperion.

And, you better believe these same APs will crowd the theater, sing along, and consume all sorts of food as well as merchandise.

This is a picture in time of the highest caliber of marketing as seen in the Disney brand; driving current demand while creating future demand through a brand experience which capitalizes on both the 80/20 rule while furthering its reach to new customers.

Marketing: It’s all about the fundamentals. And, it’s all about demand.