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Since the launch of UpDoc Media, one of our mission objectives has always been to help healthcare practices become more easily found, grow, and win on a branding level as well as on a financial level. It makes sense that we get a lot of questions about marketing. So, due to popular request and copious amounts of teasing, we are very pleased to share this 2019 State of Marketing survey!


You can also scan this QR code to open on your mobile device, share with a colleague, or even, take the survey together at the same time!

And, just in case you’ve missed it — this survey is the capstone of our 2019 Summer Content Series covering:

Be sure to share this survey with a friend or colleague that would like to contribute. And, as always, questions, comments, requests, concerns, and suggestions are all warmly welcome!

Thank you for being part of the UpDoc community!

Yours in service,
-Ben Fung
COO, Co-Founder