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So… due to a Facebook LIVE broadcast gone cray cray — titled: “Why Physical Therapists Are Paid So Little,” the content in this post is here by popular request. I’m pleased to share this Know My Value PT Calculator which populates your gross revenue value contribution to any given business unit based on:

  1. Average Revenue Per Patient (Best to use adjusted or after insurance adjustments)
  2. Your average number of patient treated per day (13 patients/day at 30 min encounters = 65 patients/week; 65 patients per week at 50 working weeks per year = 3250 encounters/year)

There are some additional calculations below for your consideration. AND, there is a lot of relevant information that one can glean as both employer and employee in the the newly opened PT Payer Info Pool (modeled after the open source PT Job Market Pulse!)

***Update/PS: Revenue generation is the beginning of an employee-employer value proposition. There are a LOT more dimensions to it. However, this is where many conversations start with many more to be had. What you see below should be seen as a starting point to a much grander goal. Enjoy!

Also, just like with the open source #PTJobMarketPulse, I’d like to invite you to contribute information into a new data set we’re creating called the PT Payer Info Pool.

[Click HERE to Explore The PT Payer Info Pool Data Form]

The goal of the PT Payer Info Pool is very much in the same spirit as the “Pulse;” we want to create data transparency in a way never before seen whereby business entities and representatives of employers and employees alike can be empowered at a whole new & re-leveled playing field to engage healthcare marketplace economics with more powerful data than every before!

And, here… in case you are interested in watching the live video replay, HERE for the YouTube upload — apparently, the original Facebook video has been removed… ?

UPDATES from 2019.

So, if you’re finding this far removed from the original broadcast and video upload dates… you’ll probably be interested in a few of these items below: