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This post was originally created for students attending the APTA NEXT conference back in 2016. Due to an overwhelming amount of demand for a collection of resources hosting all sorts of content all in one place — we have updated this post with our newer content pieces. Please note, the bottom half of this post is preserved for its 2016 publication. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Student Resource Collection

Regarding Pay
If money didn’t matter, no one would make such a fuss about it.
Regarding Salary Negotiations, The Job Market, and Mentorship
Articles, courses, and insider communities to position your career for optimal success.
Regarding Applying and Interviewing For Jobs
The job market dynamics between employees and employers have fundamentally changed with digital job portals, social media, and a Millennial culture. These content pieces cover what can you do best navigate this Wild West of jobs.
Regarding The Profession
Here are a bunch of articles and podcasts to catch you up to speed with the recent history and current happenings within our industry.

<<< The Original 2016 Post >>>

Sometimes, it’s just nice, when someone has gathered & curated all the best information for you. After about a dozen requests from #APTANEXT, I decided to sit down and gather the top 10 best resources we’ve created since UpDoc Media launched… ALL, in one place 😉

Just for you!

Now… while this collection of resources is titled for students, it’s rather useful for fresh professionals as well as those looking for a career change. So! Without further ado…

Here is the UpDoc Media Student Resource Collection, 2016 Edition.

  1. 2015 PT Job Market Outlook (Version 2.0)
    Here’s what started it all. We had so many requests over social media to cover a series on the physical therapy job market. So, I sat down & grind through several databases of salary data and found the best realistic middle grounds of the three. The result, a state-by-state infographic comparing average physical therapist pay between each state.
  2. The PT Job Market Pulse
    Unhappy with the basic fact that once data is released, it becomes outdated; I went on a mission to create a live, open, transparent, and publicly (& anonymously!) contributed source… the #PTJobMarketPulse. This is a two part deal: (1) The Pulse itself is the public contribution data pool where anyone can go in and drop in offers they’ve heard of for public benefit. (2) The Pulse Newsletter is where I spin down that data even further for trends & important shifts in the job market itself.
  3. The 2016 DPT Talent Acquisition Report
    The millennial professional is truly unique. Forbes identified millennials as one of the most highly educated, passionate, and principled professionals. Having seen that employers have plenty of power in voicing what they want… we wanted to give the millennial professional a voice of their own. Forbes, also having identified 2016 to be the toughest year to staff PTs from a human resource perspective, we felt it was important for millennials to have a platform to express: What is top talent looking for? What are deal makers & deal breakers? What will cause them to say, “Yes?” And, what will make them turn away, no matter the cost?
  4. The DPT Career Primer
    With 200 production hours over 10 days for an accelerated release to benefit the super early April DPT graduates in 2016, this content grouping is 7 hours of industry behind the scenes knowledge bombs. Consumable as video lectures or podcasts audio files, the “Primer” takes you on a journey of understanding the job market, teaches you how to win the battle of job applications, primes you to craft interview winning resumes, unveils some of the most relevant & convincing interview tips from the side of the hiring manager, covers value based salary negotiations tactics, and, paints the landscape of finding success throughout your career path.
  5. Developing Your Personal Brand
    Personal branding is HUGE now. It’s huge because of social media. It’s huge because of how the millennials have affected the organics & social dynamics of the job market. And, it’s huge, because if you wish to stand out as unique, valuable… a must-hire. Well, then you need a personal brand. You need a personal brand that is known. You need a personal brand that is consistent. You need a personal brand that is relatable. And, you need a personal brand that portrays not just how special you are… it portrays that you are a winning combination for team excellence. Find out how!
  6. The Three “Es” of Excellent Content
    Time and time again, I’m asked how I continually come up with relevant content… all. the. time! It’s a running joke between myself & Rich Severin, “Ben has a blog post for everything.” Well, in this post, I reveal my best principles behind creating excellent. It’s the way I do it. It’s the way people I look up to, do it. And, it’s the way I would LOVE for YOU to do it! I was asked about content creation about a dozen times at #APTANEXT (1st week of June)… each time I told them “how” I do it. AND, I told each person I would LOVE to be “replaced.” Because, that means “my job is done.” That means, our profession wins. And, you better believe it… we win, together! (and… and, and. and. and. LOL!)
  7. 5 Ways To Accelerate Your Physical Therapy Career
    “Regular” success, just isn’t good enough anymore. Especially for millennials, they want more. They are HUNGRY. For the ones who are really hungry, they understand that the 9-5 working mindset is dead and done. Here are 5 ways to feed that hunger, accelerate your success, and realize your goals, aspirations, and dreams. Go get it!
  8. Having A Success Mindset
    It’s very easy to get bogged down into narrow working mindsets. A scarcity mindset, versus having a growth mindset. Having a student’s mindset, or a worker’s mindset, or even a poverty mindset… each can stunt your potential for success. Having a success oriented mindset means you shed some of the basic things that have been engrained in you. Why? Because, they are no longer relevant. Making the transition from passable to a true success is a journey, in and of itself. Having the right mindset is the first step in making it.
  9. Value Based Pay: Making More Money For EVERYONE
    I’ve written a LOT about value based pay in the past. This post covers most of the dimensions on how it works, how it can be implemented, how everyone wins in this situation. How, even the employer, is protected (because, this is typically where things stop) in such a system… that risk management can be built into a system which rewards production, quality, and efficiency… while, also mitigating losses due to poor productivity and all the usual “boss” concerns. This is a great place to start up a discussion; even base a pilot to see how well things can fly. Who knows, you may be the 1st of your colleagues to float value based pay. Trust me, it pays well… and, everyone wins!
  10. The Physical Therapy Business & Entrepreneur Accelerator Group
    Having many requests in creating a community where business minded & entrepreneurial minded physical therapy professionals can gather, share ideas, ask each other questions, and build each other up… we created this Facebook group. It’s open to the public. All you have to do is first, register via email… then, request addition into the group & one of our admins will get you set up! It’s a place where there’s no passing of judgment, only sharing of discerning thought & constructive ideas.