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Good news, everyone! We have the most positive marks for the CQI since inception, with much improvement in areas such as Intention to Stay and even in the compensation factors.

It also marks a shift in the predictive statistics, which are heavily discussed in the report — a sign of a true new normal which has been upon us since 2023+.

Here's a snapshot of the report distributions:

Index Item: Salary Benefits Culture Balance Ownership Mindset Mediocrity Intention to Stay Choice Provider Corporate Citizenry Repeat Services
Happy 28.2% 26.6% 25.8% 32.3% 13.7% 9.8% 44.4% 43.5% 35.8% 41.1%
Unhappy 37.1% 44.4% 34.7% 35.5% 67.7% 61.8% 31.5% 21.8% 35.8% 29.8%
Neutral 34.7% 29.0% 39.5% 32.3% 18.5% 28.5% 24.2% 34.7% 28.5% 29.0%

Key Findings From This Edition of the CQI Report:

  • Small Business entities seem to be leading the way in 2023+.
  • It's hard to compete with benefits when compared against larger entities of size.
  • Tolerance to Mediocrity and Ownership Mindset are highly linked.
  • That only 9.8% of the workforce respondents are highly satisfied with removal of mediocrity; this is up from 7.5%.
  • We are having the highest and most positive marks for Intention to Stay since the inception of the CQI.
  • Compensation satisfaction has gone up considerably, despite actual compensation not having moved with the same ratio.
  • A new guide rail has emerged for 2023+ in Repeat/Ongoing Recommendability by your workforce members.


Index Items to Consider from this 2023 Report Edition

Your Own Workforce's Grading Of Your Products And Services MATTER A LOT.

The CQI has begun to mature with significant amounts of data points — thousands upon thousands — with all this, we've seen a new leader emerge in the space of predictive correlations: Repeat Services.

Recommendability of Repeat Services has eclipsed the former title holder Corporate Social Responsibility during this 2023+ data scoop.

CQI 2023 Repeat Services

For 2023+, it appears that the workforce is shifting focus inward. After all, they are a part of the formula that comprises the provision of ongoing goods and services. In essence, they are rating themselves and their colleagues.

A Clear Leader for 2023+

The small business practice of 1 - 10 employees topped out 9 of 10 categories compared to others in the same measures; similarly, the scale of Less than 20 locations had higher marks — also 9 of 10. Funny enough, left blank had the highest scores for employment status with current employment to follow — perhaps suggesting that complete anonymity gives more of a safeguard to reply with more positive marks… all this, of course, is complete conjecture… a curious observation of data for this round.

CQI Small Biz 2023 Leader

Tolerance to Mediocrity versus Ownership Mindset — and, Span of Control (SOC).

Tolerance to Mediocrity: This, historically, is our 2nd lowest scoring index item. However, with good news, it has improved by 29%, the 2nd highest improvement (amazingly enough) which we can report for this Summer 2023 edition.

Ownership Mindset: Whilst still the lowest scoring of all CQI items, we’ve moved up from 3.97 to 4.79, across averages. Forward movement? Yes. Still, much more work to be done, here.

CQI Tolerance to Mediocrity and Ownership Mindset - 2023

A full discussion is unveiled in the report regarding the potential influence and utilization of Span of Control; as both an explanation as to why Small Business entities may be outperforming counterparts of larger size and scale — and, how it might leveraged to bring up those counterparts.

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