UpDoc Media's Healthcare DisruPTion podcast is back for the 2017 season. On the first episode, host Jerry Durham interview Dr. Mitch Babcock a rising physical therapists based in Michigan about business, mentorship and growth.
What does the future hold for physical therapy and healthcare? Healthcare DisruPTion returns for 2017 with a simple question, what if?
What is the role of physical therapy in the overall healthcare and population health arenas? How about leader? Listen to Mike Eisenhart as he shares his vision for the future of physical therapy 2.0.
How important is the initial call to your business? In a word...critical. Listen to Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschild breakdown the importance of the welcome call as part of the customer lifecycle.
Listen in as Jerry Durham and Andrew Rothschild share their favorite business focused books to help you improve your physical therapy business.
What can we do to help insurance companies see that physical therapy is the most cost and outcome effective solution for LBP and other musculoskeletal conditions? Show them!
On this episode of Healthcare DisruPTion, Andrew Rothschild and Jerry Durham look into who is the most important employee in your clinic business. Hint, it's not the clinician. Find out why.