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Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion 15- Launch of Greatness w/ Dr. Mitch Babcock

Mentoring— Mindset and the magic it creates!

Welcome to our first Interview of 2017!  The theme of What Ifs and DOING takes right off today in this conversation with Mitch Babcock, DPT.  

Mitch is what we call a #FreshPT, out of school just around 8 months.  Mitch has started his own business and is making his presence felt far wider than just his home town of Holly, MI.  We dont talk the tactics of business or financials…. We talk about the bigger issues.  The HOWs and the WHYs of how he got to this point.  

Mitch discussions, mentors, mindset, and the good and the bad of twitter.  He talks about supporters and also the detractors.   Take a listen regardless of where you are in career, Mitch brings some great insight to the disruption discussion….   

Where to find Mitch


instagram :   @UnchainedPhysio


Mentions in the podcast: (masterminds group)