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Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion 13: Physical Therapy 2.0 w/ Mike Eisenhart
Welcome to episode 13.  In no way shape or form did we plan on this interview with Mike Eisenhart to be one of the last things you heard in 2016….BUT we should have!   We ALWAYS hear about “the future” and “plans for the future” yet we rarely hear about the execution to take control of the future.  Well Mike has a grand plan and he is EXECUTING it!  Mike is a rare find and exactly what physical therapy and more so, healthcare needs!  

Open your ears and take the blinders off your brain because what you are about to hear will cause you to think like you’ve never thought before about the role of physical therapy.  Welcome to physical therapy 2.0. Welcome to the future. Stay a while. 
Mike can be found on twitter at @mikeeisenhart , @FreeTheYoke and @theAPHPT .  Make sure and head to his website