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Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion 8 Physical Therapy as THE Entry Point for All Low Back Pain
Today’s episode of Healthcare DisruPTion is an eye opening, mindshifting conversation  with an insurance industry expert, Richard Zhao.  Hell may just be about 1-2 degrees cooler today because YES! I have embraced someone from the insurance industry!  Richard brings his expertise and insight from years of running numbers for the musculoskeletal unit of a major US insurance provider to enlighten us on HOW the 3rd party payers look at physical therapists and their role in managing LBP.  

Richard is a true believer that physical therapists should be the entry point for all LBP patients in America.  And he believes that we can prove that point by using the data we already collect and gather on a daily basis.  At this point Richard’s knowledge will tell us how to bring the change to the insurance industry, instead of waiting for the insurance industry to bring us change!


Be sure to find Richard and Jerry presenting this plan at the Private Practice Section Conference in Las Vegas on Thurs Oct 20th at 10.45am PST!   
Thanks for listening!