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Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion
Healthcare DisruPTion 9: Physical Therapy 2.0 w/ Jeff Moore and Jerry Durham

The opportunity for the profession of physical therapy is NOW!

Low back pain has just moved up to the #2 spot on the World Disability list…YES, World! Physical therapists are poised to step up and deliver a solution for a HUGE problem!  Big question is, are YOU ready?  

It will take more than just your clinical skills to make that happen.  My guest today, Jeff Moore gets just that.  It will take the Evidence Based Medicine WITH a focus on the patient experience (which starts with brand recognition) to be the healthcare provider of choice for low back pain!  Listen in as we discuss their ideas on how to deliver the education to Physical Therapists to be THIS Solution.  

Please go to to learn more about Jeff and how to access his PT version 2.0 education!

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