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It’s that time again…!!!!! TIME, for another Job Market Pulse UPDATE! In honor of CSM 2018 in New Orleans, we are pleased to release another update which includes comparisons of legacy vs recent data, trends in the job market itself, sorting by state/zip code/setting/specialty, and of course, the most recent update in including all allied rehab therapy professions!

Here are a few quick snippets of the past to give context to the most recent update which you can sign up for automatic receipt, down below.


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For those of you who are new to The Job Market Pulse, here are a few highlights as a preamble to the absolute monster of an update periodical that is this CSM 2018 edition.

Regional Factors: “Location. Location. Location.”

Yes. Location absolutely matters. Here are two figures to help give reference to how much it matters.

Experience. Does It Matter?

“it depends.” And, to be honest… we don’t quite know — other than the fact that we can attribute much of the discrepancy beyond regional effects and experience to what is more accurately described as company loyalty. Loyalty pays well. This is thoroughly discussed in this CSM 2018 edition of the Pulse as to exactly why and exactly why, I personally, feel this is a bad thing to perpetuate for our industry at large. We need to be rewarding measurable value and recognizing performance.

How Much Wiggle Room Is There?

You’d be surprised! And, if you want to know exactly how much and by the numbers… then you’re going to need to sign up to receive this edition of THE Job Market Pulse!

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