The Content You Need to Know

March Madness is about to begin for NCAA Basketball. And so, in celebration of such “madness,” we’re bringing our own “March Marketing Madness” in this special e-resource series. In this special collection of articles, we’ll be covering:

  • Branding
  • E-Mail marketing
  • How to grow a following
  • Metrics to measure in marketing
  • How to start a blog
  • The formula for creating captivating stories
  • Keys to social engagement
  • Mission critical business competencies PT practices NEED to have
  • And… a bunch more topics and even more articles, linked within the e-series contents.


1.) The Three “E”s of Excellent Content
Good content is hard to come by and tends to be the biggest problem for most companies when putting ideas to action for online marketing. This article helps establish some constants in a world of marketing variables in how to best address the singular, competitive advantage in a world of clutter — Excellent Content.

2.) 5 Marketing Predictions for 2018
While 2018 is well under way, we keep noticing a trend that companies are revisiting and re-evaluating their marketing strategies. It’s never too late to re-assess where the trends are and where marketing is headed. Read this article to learn more about the predictions for this year, even if it’s already half way along 😉

3.) The Digital Marketing Pre-Launch Checklist
[FEATURED ARTICLE] The team at UpDoc regularly gets requests for what needs to be done to establish a fully developed marketing plan. Well, this pre-launch checklist covers it all and a little bit more! It’s not only a great place to start, it’s also a strong list when it comes to rebuffing an already successful marketing strategy.

4.) 5 Keys To Social Engagement
Social Media Marketing isn’t a competitive advantage anymore — it’s entry level. If you’re company isn’t engaging in purposeful, high quality social media content production, then you’re losing out on a LOT of dollars that could be very much helpful to your business. Here’s how to kick start this important initiative for your practice.

5.) 5 Facts About Marketing You Need To Know
Like clinical practice, marketing is an art and a science. There are parallels to so much of what marketing is with test/re-test, using data to guide overall approach, and the exact art of understanding the consumer perspective and buyer personas. This article covers five important facts about marketing you need to know if you wish to be successful in growth of your business.

6.) 3 Business Competencies PTs Need To Know 
Everyone agrees that business isn’t part of the natural makeup of Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants. It’s not part of our general didactics and isn’t valued as a global competency in any of our settings or specialties. However, without knowing business, we can never truly get to where we want to be in practice, in finance, in society, or as a profession. Just by learning more about these three business principles, you will find yourself far ahead of the norm within our industry. Take the lead and read on!

7.) 4 Marketing Metrics You NEED To Measure 
Marketing should be measured at nearly every step of implementation. It is only through evidenced based business that you can effectively grow a practice without second guessing if things are happening well or poorly as a matter of happenstance. Here are four marketing metrics you need to know about!

8.) 5 Essentials To Email Marketing
It’s funny, email marketing — so many people kept saying it’d go away… that people would eventually get fed up with the spam. The thing is, they were right… and, then, they were wrong. Email turned into other direct contact methods. Therefore, it wasn’t about “email” per se as much as it was about direct contact marketing. Here are five essentials in this vein you need to know about if you are going to be successful in any type of sales funnel, digital advertising, or online conversions.

9.) 5 Steps To A Captivating Story
Stories resonate most with just about everyone. Statistics tend to be meaningless and boring to most. However, if you can tie in the evidence with compelling storytelling — NOW you have something engaging… CAPTIVATING. Learn how to tell your company’s story if you want to grow your brand, your business, and your team. Here are 5 Steps To A Captivating Story!

10.) The Future of Digital Media
Digital Media isn’t “digital” anymore as it is just PLAIN Media. Just as social media isn’t competitive — rather, it’s entry level… understanding digital media as the primary discovery and conversion environment in the future of healthcare consumerism is CRITICAL in growing your business and future proofing it for the evolving landscape of healthcare.

11.) How To Grow A Following
An audience is important because it gives you a voice to the public. Brands that have authentic and accessible voices have engaged followings that are comprised of customers, fans, community members, employees, stakeholders, and competitors. These are are critical segments within a general audience; understanding the strategy behind growing each segment as part of an overarching marketing strategy will supercharge your company’s growth.

12.) How To Start A Blog In 5 Steps
A blog is a basic feature of any website. It’s almost expected these days. The thing is, having a blog for the sake of having one is wasted effort and adds no meaningful value to new customer discovery nor search engine optimization. A strategic blog launch, however, can replicate the results we had at UpDoc Media — where our website repeated broke because of too much traffic! #GreatProblemToHave #HopeTheWebMasterDoesntQuit 😉


1.) 5 Marketing Mistakes That Will Stunt Your Growth
Like clinical care, marketing is both an art and a science. The art is in the the why… the rationale and execution; the science is in the how and the what… it is found in the channels, platforms, touch points, budgets, and metrics behind each campaign.

2.) An Unexpected Metric Payers Are Asking For
This unexpected metric really represents a family of metrics within an otherwise under-attended aspect of the healthcare consumer experience; an aspect for which most providers and companies assume they are generally performing well in.

3.) The 3 Rs Of Our Story Flow
“We create content every day. It’s part of our DNA. We love it. That doesn’t mean it comes easy. We learned early in order to consistently produce high quality and valuable content, we needed a system. This is our 3 R’s system that our content is filtered through.” — UpDoc CEO & Therapy Insiders podcast host, Dr. Gene Shirokobrod.

4.) Standing Above The Social Media Content Clutter
A big complaint we keep hearing is the awareness of clinic owners and company managers that healthcare practices & agencies NEED to move into digital marketing. But… “How do we catch up if we haven’t ever done this before? And… what do we do as social media seems to be getting SO CROWDED?!”

5.) Marketing Automation: Five Five-Star-Review Case Studies
Patient relationship management was identified as one of the key solutions to driving better revenue for practices at PPS 2018. And, from what we’ve seen here at our marketing solutions at UpDoc, it’s an integral part of a complete marketing ecosystem.

6.) Online Reviews, Reputation Management, and Consumer Behaviors
Healthcare consumers, not to mention consumer behaviors in general — are becoming more and more digital… every. single. day. In fact, the evidence is overwhelming from young consumers to consumers hailing from older demographics — everyone is checking out online reviews and basing much of their consumer behaviors in a similar sequence of decisions.

7.) Consumer Facts: Word Of Mouth Marketing 2.0
Here’s the ugly truth: Any marketing professor would flunk you if you said you only ran your company’s marketing in a singular channel or approach. Just as it is foolish to have all your eggs in one basket for financial investments, the same goes for marketing strategy. AND, one could argue that marketing, is in fact, investing in your own company!

8.) The Authenticity Paradox in Content Marketing: An UpDoc Perspective
All too often, content producers and those getting into social media marketing struggle with the balance of a perfectly produced piece, and, authentically connecting with the audience. A high value production piece is professional and otherwise the company aim. A more transparent piece has authenticity, but might feel less polished to the producer — and, after all, one doesn’t want to lose credibility by releasing a less than perfect piece of content… right? Maybe… or, maybe not. Today’s topic: The Authenticity Paradox.

9.) 3 Things In Healthcare That Are NOT GOING AWAY!
For every practice out there that is struggling is another that is flourishing. For every area that has a terrible marketplace price point for reimbursement comes another that seems “more like it” and far more favorable to the business owner or practice manager. AND, in this time when value based healthcare is on its way with some serious dollar based repercussions and incentives… disruption is EVERYWHERE and change is all over the place. Fortunately, there are constants despite disruptions that will NOT go away because healthcare is a people business.

10.) 10 Predictions for 2019
The team at UpDoc is pleased to share these ten predictions for 2019. As we came together to name these predictions, we wanted to cover a few topical bases. So, this year, we are making predictions on: (1) Consumer Behaviors, (2) Digital Marketing and Advertising, and (3) Physical Therapy & Healthcare Industry Trends.