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Welcome to the 2021 New Year’s Job Market Pulse e-periodical report! As always, all the details including the raw and sorted data sheet which lists cash per annum equivalent salary values by specialty, setting, and even as specific zip code — ALL OF THAT is available when you sign up for the report, down below.

Before we get there, please watch this intro video on what’s what in this latest release!

There are some really important topics to talk about in this edition. Among the key topics are:

  1. Shifting sands in salary, specialty, and roles.
  2. The pressure of productivity and a potential solution set.
  3. The connection between burnout and a company’s tolerance to mediocrity.
  4. Improvements in residency pay.
  5. Emerging niche trends, particularly that of hybrid-niche clinicians.

Now… before we dive into that, here are some quick fun facts we’ve gleaned for this edition of the Pulse.

First, here is a three way comparison of merged industry data for settings. The reason we’re comparing this against the true averages is to account for the fact that the majority of clinicians in our space will be working in the outpatient sector. That creates a natural leaning towards those numerical representatives, which doesn’t give other specialties and settings a chance to shine.

We dive deep into the effects of this in this edition of the report.

Merged Setting Salary Averages

ProfessionMerged SettingsStandard Deviation
Occupational Therapist$83,044$18,195
Physical Therapist$84,450$13,334
Physical Therapist Assistant$62,596$13,616

A few snapshot stats from the latest Pulse:

  • The average pay for a Physical Therapist Resident in 2020 was $57,593/year — a marked improvement over historically the range of $45k-$55k/year.
  • Travel employment lifestyle may see a huge spike in 2021. The most recent data sees travel home health paying 20% more than traditional full time home health employment.
  • PTAs usually makes ~25% less than PTs at a salary level.
  • The average outpatient manager/director will make 16% more than the line staff clinician.

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