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It's that time of year again!

We've opened up our ever popular Talent Acquisition and Retention Survey which feeds into our annual Talent Report. Much like our CSM 2023 Corporate Quality Podcast live interviews episode, this year's focus is a meeting of the minds between the talent pool and decision makers.

Employers are spending thousands of dollars per full time equivalent to try and just get some folks to apply. In the same vein, the workforce is growing ever more tired, burnt out, and ready to resign — looking for greener pastures.


Job Market Pulse – 2023 Report – Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) Release

Shifts in the Job Market:

  • Hospital Outpatient as a differentiator pays no better than general Outpatient roles.
  • Pediatric Therapies seems to be widening in its bimodal distributions with both high paying and low paying positions; and, of course, everything in between.
  • Home Health stagnated in 2022 and seems to be on the upward move for early 2023.
  • Inpatient settings across the board seem to be quite strong compared to outpatient.
  • Managers no longer get paid well enough to shoulder the difference. Unless rectified, this will likely cause some catastrophic failures amongst employer organizations lacking true management systems — managed up accountability being one of the most important ones.
job market pulse updoc 2023
Job Searches in Physical Therapy 2023 - Job Market Pulse - UpDoc Media

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Without further ado, we invite you to join us with the 2023 Talent Acquisition & Retention Survey!