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The team at UpDoc is pleased to present the 2023 Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) release of the Job Market Pulse Report!

Considering the changing times within the job market landscape, this edition of the Pulse report focuses on the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic disruption within the industry at large — taking trends into account for various roles, settings, and what has happened year over year since to present.

This edition features key topics of concern to the job market on 2023, including:

  1. Percent changes by year by setting.
  2. A clear lay of the land for where the best pay can be found.
  3. A breakdown of pay by setting and position.
  4. And, a reference to the cost of living discussions from the prior report edition.

Here's a sneak peek at one of the highlights trending pay over time in this 2023 Pulse Report.

UpDoc Media Pulse 2023 - Pay over Time Changes

More 2023 Pulse Highlights

  • "Now that the dust has settled..."
  • Where are people looking for jobs?
  • Anticipated struggles of the 2023 job market.
  • The Burden of Management
  • The “Great” This, “Quick” That, and All the “Rage” — how to keep a pulse on your company workforce.

What Are People Saying About Recruitment?

“I’ve spent over a thousand dollars on an Indeed/Linked In/Zip Recruiter/Etc. — Crickets.”

“Competitors keep trying to poach our people!”

“All the good ones keep quitting.”

Shifts in the Job Market:

  • Hospital Outpatient as a differentiator pays no better than general Outpatient roles.
  • Pediatric Therapies seems to be widening in its bimodal distributions with both high paying and low paying positions; and, of course, everything in between.
  • Home Health stagnated in 2022 and seems to be on the upward move for early 2023.
  • Inpatient settings across the board seem to be quite strong compared to outpatient.
  • Managers no longer get paid well enough to shoulder the difference. Unless rectified, this will likely cause some catastrophic failures amongst employer organizations lacking true management systems — managed up accountability being one of the most important ones.

Where do people job search?

Job Searches in Physical Therapy 2023 - Job Market Pulse - UpDoc Media

If everyone is looking, why is no one connecting?

This edition of the Pulse report dives into the details and explore the potential gaps in connecting candidates with employers.



Below is a summary breakdown of the 2023 Pulse data by role. Expanded tables are available within the PDF report — downloadable via the form sign up below.

Job Market Pulse 2023 Summary Breakdown

The position is for... AVERAGE of PER ANNUM
Management / Leadership $90,927
Occupational Therapist $77,853
Occupational Therapist Assistant $49,920
Pharmacists $104,000
Physical Therapist $81,708
Physical Therapist Assistant $62,579
Registered Nurse $94,640
Rehab Aide/Tech/Support/Reception $27,098
Resident $59,564
Speech Language Pathologist $116,867

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