The Content You Need to Know

Author: Gene Shirokobrod

All too often, content producers and those getting into social media marketing struggle with the balance of a perfectly produced piece, and, authentically connecting with the audience. A high value production piece is professional and otherwise the company aim. A more transparent piece has authenticity, but might feel less polished to the producer — and, after all, one doesn’t want to lose credibility by releasing a less than perfect piece of content… right?

Maybe… or, maybe not. Today’s topic: The Authenticity Paradox.


  1. Authenticity has been attributed to having an effective communication with audiences.
  2. More importantly, being authentic means you’re making a meaningful connection with your desired audience groups.
  3. However, perfection can get in the way. This is where the paradox exists.
  4. Perfection can be TOO polished, and, can convey lack of authenticity and an underlying unwillingness to be open, transparent, and even vulnerable.
  5. This may accidentally communicate that you have something to hide; that you only want your audience to see what you want it to see, versus welcoming them to see the “real you.”
  6. Therefore, the best way to be authentic is to put out imperfect content and allow people to engage with you and your brand across as well as along the journey as you bring value through the knowledge, the solutions, the advice, the entertainment, the hope, and the invitation that your brand can bring through content.
  7. Solution to the Authenticity Paradox: Focus on the releasing the production, not the preparation of content.