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Author: Jordan Mather, Chief Growth Officer

Want Google to send you ideal patients Every. Single. Day?

Of course you do, that’s why you tried Google Ads and for one reason or another it just hasn’t gotten you the results that were so boldly promised to you by the guru’s, coaches, and ‘experts’.

But it’s not your fault. While preaching the glory of Google Ads the ‘experts’ forgot to mention that Google Ads are F*$#king complicated…

But let’s get three things straight…

  1. Google Ads DOES work for Physical Therapy. In fact, UpDoc Media has generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for practices across the country.
  2. You DON’T need to spend a fortune to get good results. Seriously, You can spend as little as $2/day.
  3. You DON’T need to be tech savvy (at all) to build EXTREMELY profitable campaigns.

And most importantly…

Google Ads is NOT a ‘set it and forget it’ marketing strategy!

Now that we have the facts straight, here are the three most common, money wasting, mistakes I see clinic owners make with Google Ads:

1. No Conversion Tracking

Tracking Conversions is EXTREMELY important.

Conversion tracking tells us what happens after someone clicks an ad and provides Google with the data it needs to attract the people who are most likely to take a desired action on your website

Actions like viewing a specific page, subscribing to your blog, or scheduling an appointment online.

These are all conversion objectives that you can tell Google to optimize for.

Without tracking conversions, Google’s AI can’t optimize your ad delivery and you can’t easily track if you’re wasting money…

2. Marketing More Than One Thing Per Campaign

I wish I didn’t have to say this but not all services should be bundled….

When was the last time you bundled a headache consultations with a postpartum care plan?

You didn’t because that would be crazy—But that is exactly what people are doing when they setup keywords for a campaign.

They bundle keywords for all of their offerings into one campaign.

And for obviously reasons, this wastes a TON of money and creates sloppy data.

Best practice is to have a separate campaign for each service so they aren’t competing against each other and you can easily track what campaigns, keywords and offers are working.

Within each campaign, group similar keywords together with no more than 50 keywords per Ad Group. (As few as 5 keywords depending on your budget)

This method allows you to  personalize ads based on specific services and keywords which leads me to the next most common Google Ads mistake…

3. Not Utilizing Dynamic Headlines

Okay, now this setting is AWESOME yet very few people even know it exists…

And It’s perfect for Google Ad amateurs because it’s easy and takes work off of your plate.

Dynamic headlines is a setting that allows Google to automate and personalize Google Ad text with the exact keywords use to pull up your ad.

This means that if a prospect uses the keyword ‘headache relief’ your ad text may say ‘Headache Relief Experts’, or if they searched ‘postpartum care’ your ad text could say, ‘Postpartum Care Experts’.

(Pro Tip: Having keywords in your ad text drastically improves click through rates and improves your Google Ad Quality Score)

This creates a highly personalized experience and greatly increases the likelihood of ideal patents clicking on your ads.

That’s it! The three Google Ad settings you must use or you’ll lose money.

If you implement these tactics into your campaigns correctly I guarantee you will see an immediate improvement…

But if you want Google to send you ideal patient EVERY SINGLE DAY, then there are a few other secrets you need to know about.

For the first time ever, I’m giving away my secret system for consistently generating new patients from Google.

I was advised against giving it away since I literally charge people for this information but whatever… people who understand my process make better clients anyway.

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