The Content You Need to Know
Continuing our Perspectives series on content marketing and brand narratives, today — CEO, Gene Shirokobrod shares about the burden of knowledge, the importance of clarity, and the precise way brands can connect with their desired audiences by removing uncertainty.

Show Notes:

  1. The Burden Of Knowledge
    Many professionals and professional based organizations struggle with establishing a meaningful connection with general audiences and even specific audiences as the burden of knowledge compels content creators to become over-technical and jargon heavy.
  2. Uncertainty Creates Confusion
    Highly technical content creates uncertainty with audience members as their interests are typically more superficial; merely present to consume stories in a fashion where they can decide if they like and trust you and your brand.
  3. Clarity Comes Through Focus
    Focused content specifically addresses user segments which makes them feel uniquely reached out towards. This creates trust and an emotional connection across intellectual topics.
  4. Compelling Narratives Are Directed
    Storytelling is the basis of human communication. It’s important to create stories and narratives across crafted content as this becomes more memorable and engaging to the audience.
  5. Intentional Precision Is A Must
    As the mirror image to focused content, precision of topics is a must in order to not only engage the right audience segments but interacting with them at precise points across their conversion journey. Messaging must be made for the right audience at the right time for the right action.

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