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“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.”
― Steve Jobs

One common thread of all Therapy Insiders podcast episodes has been conversations with passionate people. Our guests typically have accomplished much in their careers. Some are starting in their careers. Yet, all “…are burning with an idea, or a problem or a wrong that [they] want to right…” Conversations with people like that are powerful because they motivate others to take action. Engagement is always our focus after releasing an episode. We want our listeners to engage with us, with their community and with their dreams. Hopefully, we’ve helped spark some of that in you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for helping Therapy Insiders reach top 10 on iTunes. Thank you for downloading over 300,000 episodes. Thank you for being our community. Thank you for engaging. Here are your top 10 Therapy Insiders podcast episodes of 2016.

How to Develop a Magical Customer Experience with (R) Disney VP of Operations Lee Cockerell

Release date: 3/14/2016

The most magical place on Earth. Ringing any bells? Yea, thought so. What makes Disney Parks magical? No, it’s not the pixie dust and Genies. Lee Cockerell, the retired VP of Operations at Disney gave us an inside look at what makes the experience magical. It was fascinating listening to Lee to the point where I had to remind myself that I’m interviewing him not listening in. Lee also shared his personal struggles with health as well as his experience with the healthcare system. Oh yea, Jerry Durham was my special co-host.


The Mechanics of a Treatment Approach w/ Dr. Stuart McGill

Most people in the rehabilitative healthcare or fitness fields should know of Professor McGill. You may have read one of his books or recited one of his research findings. Going into this episode we didn’t really know what to expect. We’ve never spoken to Stu and had no idea how rigid he would be in his ideas. As with all TI episodes we never prepare guests nor prepare for the guests in order to make each conversation spontaneous and natural. We were incredibly blown away by how easy going and genuinely nice Stu turned out to be. Do we agree with everything he says? No. However, we do agree with a lot of it and truly appreciate how much he has done to further the fields of fitness and rehabilitative medicine. This episode resonated with our listeners due to Stu’s openness to being open to pain science. Also, he praised his introduction as one of the best ever. Seriously though, his mustache is glorious. (Summary from mid-year list)

Release date: 1/18/16

The Future of Physical Therapy and Technology with WebPT’s Heidi Jannenga and Nancy Ham

Release date: 11/30/16

Heidi is no stranger to Therapy Insiders podcast, having been a guest multiple times. On the other hand, Nancy, the recently hired CEO of WebPT, was walking (see:talking) into uncharted waters. The conversation ranged from technology, to business growth, career advice and a breakdown of work/life balance. Nancy was an incredible wealth of knowledge and very open in sharing her experience. Oh, Heidi wasn’t too shabby either.

How to Grow a Physical Therapy Business w/ Dynamix Team

Release date: 9/21/16

We talked a lot about business in 2016. We discussed big business with John Jacobs a retired SVP on NASDAQ (honorable top 10 mention). Yet, it was the Dynamix team of Heath Ladd and Russ Huffstetler that you really seemed to enjoy. Russ and Heath are on a legitimate growth trajectory. Their secret? It’s no secret at all. Invest in people. Invest in the community. Invest in the business. Keep an eye on the Tennessee based company. We expect big things from them in a very short time.

The Evolution of Physical Therapy with APTA CEO Justin Moore

The APTA has become less an organization and more of a divisive talking point. That is good and bad. The APTA received almost unanimous positive feedback in 2016 for hiring Justin Moore as the new CEO. On this episode Justin was open and honest about the APTA. He gave perspective on how the history of the APTA, while foundationally important, has also been a challenge for evolution. Speaking of evolution, Justin shared his thoughts on where the profession has the biggest opportunity for growth and how the APTA can support that growth.

Release date: 8/30/16

The Future of Physical Therapy in Healthcare w/ Dr. Tim Flynn

Similar to Heidi, this is not Tim’s first rodeo as a guest on Therapy Insiders. A self proclaimed fan of the podcast, Tim was actually the number 1 podcast episode of 2015. We thought it was fitting to bring him back to be the special guest for the 100th episode of Therapy Insiders. He did not disappoint. This episode was part of a mini arc focusing on the future of the physical therapy profession. Tim provided his thoughts on the clinical aspect of the future and how physical therapy is positioned perfectly to lead in musculoskeletal healthcare.

Release date: 12/6/16

Do You Even Lift Physio Bro w/ Dr. Zach Long

You may not recognize the name Dr. Zach Long. How about The Barbell Physio? Better? I recommend you familiarize yourself with both names because you’ll be seeing them a lot over the next few years. Zach is a fitness focused physical therapist, a newly minted “hybrid” group (see:Dr. John Rusin). Zach has a killer Instagram account where he shows a variety of movement, exercises and strategies to lift. On this episode he shared his perspective on integrating physical therapy and fitness, how to develop an online following and the role of strength training in rehab. Needless to say, yet ill say it anyway, you really enjoyed this episode.

Release date: 4/26/16

A Skeptical Guru Walks into a Podcast w/ Adam Meakins

A bit of a “spunk trumpet” and known to be a bit of a fucking skeptic, Adam is at least good for a Star Wars conversation. Yes, yes and some physical therapy as well. This episode took about 12 years of rescheduling to actually happen and when it finally did…well, it wasn’t too bad. On air Adam was insightful and provided an interesting perspective, a British perspective, on healthcare and physical therapy. That’s interesting, right?

Release date: 3/21/16

Entrepreneur Life w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

A lot of you follow Gary Vay-NER-Chuk. At the very least you’ve probably seen one of his videos on Facebook, seen an image on Ig or read a tweet. If you were at PPS in 2015 you saw Gary deliver an excellent keynote. He’s also written a few pretty good books on marketing and business (P.S by pretty good I mean really, really good. Go buy one or all right now). On this episode Gary touched on entrepreneurship, work/life balance and really what it means to grow a business. It’s a short, yet info packed episode.

Release date: 7/7/16

The Future of Physical Therapy and Fitness w/ Dr. Kelly Starrett

Ok, you really enjoy listening to Kelly. This was the return to Therapy Insiders for Kelly. Why? Because for 7 months you kept emailing and tweeting me that I need to get him back on. Not that I needed 7 months of swaying. This episode was part of the aforementioned mini series on the future of physical therapy. Kelly discussed how the integration of fitness, strength training and movement is crucial for the growth of physical therapy. And you listened. A LOT.

Release date: 11/16/16

Running with a Supple Leopard w/ Dr. Kelly Starrett

This episode was a monster of 2016. It was long, clocking in at over 1.5 hrs. It was loaded with content and it sparked so many conversations, debates and comments that we had to create commentary for commentary. The overall end-result was mostly positive. Kelly’s overall message of GO MOVE, resonated with a lot of you. His approach continues to work as he engages more people than anyone else in the physical therapy community. Kelly for his part, joined the APTA and continued to engage the physical therapy community.

Release date: 4/18/16

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