The Content You Need to Know
Author: Gene Shirokobrod

“We create content every day. It’s part of our DNA. We love it. That doesn’t mean it comes easy. We learned early in order to consistently produce high quality and valuable content, we needed a system. This is our 3 R’s system that our content is filtered through.”

Show Notes:
  1. The Story Flow is the anchor of content creation.
  2. The story is broken down into three pieces: Relate. Resonate. Resolve.
  3. Relate is the connection. This ensures the people we are speaking to can connect with the message. This answers the “Why?” Why are we creating this content, and, why should they watch and listen?
  4. Resonate is the “What?” This helps the audience better understand what they are getting into and finish consuming the content.
  5. Resolve is the “How.” How is this going to be valuable? How is the content going to solve the problem set or create action steps for the questions we’re answering?

Now that you know how to structure the story flow, here’s how you make the story captivating with 5 Steps To A Captivating Story!

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