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Healthcare consumers, not to mention consumer behaviors in general — are becoming more and more digital… every. single. day. In fact, the evidence is overwhelming from young consumers to consumers hailing from older demographics — everyone is checking out online reviews and basing much of their consumer behaviors in a similar sequence of decisions.

Online Reviews, Reputation Management, and Consumer Behaviors

Here are some facts about the matter:
  1. 77% of patients use online reviews as their first step in choosing a new provider.
  2. 84% of consumers trust online reviews as being reliable and genuine.
  3. 91% will read them, regardless of their feelings about online reviews.
  4. 41% of consumers admit that social media would affect their choice.
  5. 43% of baby boomers are using social media for health information.
  6. 50% of general online users searching a medical condition are also searching for a specific provider.
  7. Nearly 80% of healthcare consumers state that a health provider’s trustworthiness is the most important & desired trait.
  8. For which, 68% of consumers state they would be willing to travel further for a better healthcare experience.

These are but eight of many sequences of purchasing behaviors that healthcare and general consumers are using to make their shopping decisions. And, it’s worth noting that healthcare consumer behaviors and the general consumer behaviors are only coming closer and closer together.

All this data simply SCREAMS the importance of ensure and safeguarding that your business has a solid reputation management strategy.

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