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Physical therapy books
Physical therapy books

Last night, I had the pleasure of facilitating the 1st discussion group of the PT Book Club started by UpDoc Media’s own, Dr. Gene Shirokobrod. Start With WHY by Simon Sinek was the topic of the night. The big questions:

  1. What is YOUR “Why?”
  2. How has the book changed how you do your “why?”
  3. What then, must be the “Why” of Physical Therapy?

The discussion was lively, inspired, deep, and resounding with personal stories & stirring motivations… “Whys.” Here is the recap of “Start With WHY.”

PT Book Club: Start With WHY

Simon Sinek said in his TED Talk, most people know “what” they do, some people know “how” they do it, but, few people can truly articulate a compelling “why” they do what they do. Why believe what they believe. And, why anyone else should care or believe in the cause as well.

“Why” answers the questions of purpose, of calling, of why any given entity is even in existence.

He also shares that most companies, marketers, and even individual professionals tend to work “backwards” in terms of the “What, How, and Why.” These three elements are described as circles within circles. What as the outer most circle. How is the second circle. And, Why is in the centermost circle… the core of decision making.

MOST people, start outside in. However, we should be starting inside out.

There’s a biological reason, he shares; all of the objective stuff, the What, is governed by the brain as matters of language. However, it is deep in the emotional center of the limbic system where decisions are truly made… decisions which consider the the “How” and more importantly the “Why.”

WHY covers dreams, aspirations, and inspiration. Sinek shares that Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t say, “I have a plan.” He said…

“I have a dream”

The WHY drives us to do more, to be more, and to live more for things bigger than ourselves. Information does not drive behavior. Belief, does.

Therefore, if we wish to invoke behavior, we must start with “Why.”

Our discussions, of course, came around to the topic of “Why” and “Physical Therapy.” We all agreed, in an environment where so much focus is based on the “outcome,” it is terribly easy to be hyper-focused on the “What” and even the “How.” Sadly, the “Why” gets left behind quite easily. So much of our industry has recently centralized on the numbers, the measures, the outcomes… it’s easy to skim over the human experience which is the core of WHY WE DO.

Sinek went on to say that there are “leaders” and there are “those who lead.” Leaders may be leading due to authority, due to position, or due to station. However, those who lead, people follow because they want to and choose to. We follow them, because their belief… their “Why” resonates with us. Their calling becomes our calling. Their belief becomes our belief.

We follow those who lead, not because of what they lead or how they lead… we follow them for ourselves. For us… because our “Whys” are one and the same!

In the space of Physical Therapy practice, we must similarly demonstrate our “Why” as compelling convictions for our customers to find that their belief and our belief, are one. We must convey that “Why” we love what we do brings hope, inspiration, life and more of it! That “Why we do” makes a positive, life changing impact to those whom we care for.

We must therefore, passionately share our “WHY.” Then, we can tell them “how” and “what” precisely can be done, that they can experience their best health through “why” of “Physical Therapy.”