The Content You Need to Know
Author: Jordan Mather, Chief Growth Officer

Show Notes:
  1. Google Ads is the #1 referral source in the world.
  2. October 2018, Google announced that they will REQUIRE changes made on Google accounts, otherwise, they will internally pause ads which will wreck your ability to track and convert user clicks and overall traffic.
  3. In the past, the tracking code and landing pages on your website would load separately, which would lose a lot of traffic based on landing page performance, website speed, etc.
  4. NOW, parallel tracking allows for simultaneous loading of the landing page and tracking code — it speed everything up and allows you to analyze user behaviors on your ad sets.
  5. Results: More eyes. Higher conversions. Better retargeting effects.
  6. WARNING: Implement throughout only AFTER you’ve tested it. Then enable throughout all your ad sets.

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