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physical therapy, podcast, therapy insiders, updoc media
physical therapy, podcast, therapy insiders, updoc media

If you’ve been a Therapy Insiders podcast listener from the beginning, which is February 2013, you know there have been changes since we started. In the beginning it was two guys talking about… I don’t even know what we were talking about. If you’ve stuck with us from the start, thanks–you have the ears and patience of a saint ????????????.

I’d like to think that we’ve improved over the last couple years in our interview ability, audio quality and consistency. Of course, adding Erson Religioso as a co-host didn’t hurt either (aside from his anti-Apple stance). Our guests have spanned all-star professionals that are clinicians, business leaders or both. We would not be where we are without our awesome guests and even more so our incredible listeners (thats you!!).

Recently, we were reminiscing about past podcasts and planning future ones (some reallllly good ones coming up) and decided to do a most popular podcasts post. Now look, this is not an easy post to write. We’ve recorded over 50 episodes and consider them all good (aside from a few that had less than ideal sounds quality…we are picky). We decided to narrow it down to 2015. Since we are still in 2015 and publish a new podcast every week, we needed a cutoff. That cutoff is August 2015. Alright the final difficult decision was how many podcasts should we list and how do we choose them? This, friends, is the truly difficulty part. So, we decided to go with the top 5 popular episodes based on downloads. Meaning, you truly decided these top 5 based on your downloads. Ok, without further adieu here is the list:

5: Its Not Personal Just Business: How to Become a Successful Brand

“PT’s are afraid to toot their own horn.” Erson pretty much summarizes the underlying issue we discussed. The prevailing thought for a lot of physical therapists is “I let my work and results speak for me” which is altruistic but a terrible business mentality. The greatest products, services, blogs etc can be great but never found unless you actively sell it. We discussed strategies, philosophies and actionable advice on how to become a successful brand.

4: Fitness, Strength Training and Physical Therapy w/ Dr. John Rusin

Ill be honest with you. I had no idea who John Rusin was when Erson recommended him being a guest. I did my due diligence and googled like any normal internet connected human being. What I found was a rapidly rising fitness star with a unique perspective and authentic voice. In the episode, John described his new model of combining physical therapy and strength training principals to create a truly unique business model of care delivery.

3: F*ck Up, Own Up and Grow w/ WebPT COO Heidi Jannenga

Maybe it was the title? Regardless, Heidi’s episode was one of the most popular. It was awesome to hear how a physical therapist transitioned from clinical practice to develop a tech company. We really enjoyed hearing the unique culture and incredible growth of WebPT. Apparently, so did you!*ck-up-own-up-grow-w-webpt/id609009250?i=340316920&mt=2

2: Exercise Research and Advise w/ Chad Cook

We were very excited to chat with Chad because he literally wrote the book on exercise prescription. We asked Chad a controversial question, “are PT’s actually good at prescribing exercise and resistance training,” and his answer was not what we expected.

1: 7 Days Until

What runs through someones mind 7 days until a big event? What big event you ask? How about taking a board exam to be able to practice. No pressure, right? You only went to school for 3 years (on top of 4 from undergrad), which means very little unless you pass this exam. Brooke McIntosh agreed to record her daily routine, thoughts and experiences during the week leading up to her exam. We then discussed each of those moments after she took the test. What resulted was a honest, raw and very relatable journey.

So thats our list of most popular (based on downloads) episodes thus far of 2015. We will do another list, with a poll, toward the end of the year. You will get to vote for your favorite episodes. We’ve had a lot of episodes within 10 or so downloads, it was really close. What do you think of this list? Have you listened to all of these? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter via @therapyinsiders, @the_ompt, @joedpt or @updocmedia.