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We are pleased to announce the soon release of this year’s DPT Talent Acquisition Report. The purpose of this report was founded in an attempt bridge the gap between employee-employer expectations.

Last year, we had a great response which started a dialogue about value based pay, wage transparency, employer expectations, the current struggles of owners and private practitioners, as well as discussions surrounding how new grads can bring more value — especially in a time when their earning potential seems stunted compared to the student debt being accrued.

This year’s reports reveals some interesting behavioral tendencies and many areas of opportunities for the employee-employer relationship to become collaborative, rather than remain distantly competitive in nature if not historically conflicted.

If you’re wondering:
  • Where to find top talent?
  • What they are attracted to?
  • How are owners and hiring managers going about recruitment?
  • At what point does negotiations become a deal breaker?
  • And, what does the current talent pool consider as acceptable work life balance?

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