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It’s become a kind of tradition here at UpDoc in bringing voices together from various points of view. Perhaps one of the most needed in our industry comes from the side of management — particularly in how thankless management roles have become over the years; not to mention the pandemonium that has become of the coronavirus plagued 2020. As such, this year’s survey focused on narrative analysis on the effects of pandemic driven disruption, what we must do moving into 2021, and a special focus on performance management through organizational excellence as well as human capital development. Finally, before we move on toward the body of this report, you can find last year’s 2019 report HERE.

Highlighted Takeaways of this year’s report:

  1. The struggles between the overall workforce and all tiers of management are common than we’ve ever thought. Managers have bad managers, just as the line staff have bad managers. Decision makers work with good leaders, just as there are outstanding staff supervisors across the organizational frontlines.
  2. The people of the workforce need clear expectations, strong leadership, and good examples set.
  3. Mediocrity must be dispassionately rooted out.
  4. Reimbursement decline must be combatted directly, indirectly, and in novel channels.
  5. Tenure to Turnover has otherwise been seen as a cost of doing business, it is high time to view it as an opportunity to cultivate performance, to contain costs, and to be better as employer organizations and as members of the workforce.

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