The Content You Need to Know

Corporate Quality at any size or scale can be a true challenge in healthcare business management. The opportunities that are presenting themselves along with some of the blindspots that have been elucidated are STAGGERING to say the lease.

There were some incredible insights gleaned from this initial report — ranging from Tolerance to Mediocrity and quality of care, to Tenure to Turnover, to the true translation of decision maker’s and how their respective workforces receive the message for Ownership Mindset.

AND YES, this is the report that names BY BRAND — the good, the bad, and the “needs improvement” employers. READY? Let’s go!

What we discovered from this initial full reporting was the following:

  1. Over 56% of the workforce is ready to leave their place of employment in less than 12 months.
  2. The tie between Organizational Excellence, Workforce Performance, and Tenure to Turnover is HUGE.
  3. A corporation’s Tolerance to Mediocrity essentially defines its ability to innovate, perform, and process out stagnancy. In fact, ONLY 12% of the workforce was able to recommend their employer organization for their ability to Appropriately Manage Mediocrity.
  4. While the majority of decision makers want their line staff to take ownership of their daily operations, over 75% of the workforce feels discouraged by management to do so.
  5. Over 87% of CQI respondents felt comfortable enough to anonymously identify their employer by name, city, and state. To this, we have the top 20 scores named as well as named scores for over 100 employers.
  6. The CQI proves that culture is measurable, which means change can be objectively initiated, gauged, and directed. We also know that Talent Acquisition comes in two parts: (A) people say “Yes, to the salary” and (B) people “Stay, for the culture.” THEREFORE, going into 2021 — “The Retain is To GAIN.”
  7. KEY CONCEPT: The CQI offers “Three Strategic Initiatives to Improve Workplace Culture” — (A) Give Your Workforce a Voice, (B) Stop Rewarding Mediocrity, and (C) Place a Premium on Tenure to Turnover

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