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What makes a management metric meaningful? Well, it needs to:

  1. Have CONTEXT.
  2. Have REASON.
  3. Have ACTION to follow.

Yet, so many of the management metrics we use in healthcare as there “just because.” They’ve been around forever; they’ve always been there; we’ve always measured them. Metrics such as productivity, unit billed, no shows, and cancellations.

The irony is this: Healthcare (especially Physical Therapy) is desperate for change. Reimbursement is going down. Times are getting tight. It’s happening all around. However, very few companies are changing their metrics to adjust to new times.

Meaningful Management Metrics is going to be a brain-warp & game changer. After all: To have new results, you must measure new things to change HOW you do what you do.

Data is useless without context.
Context is useless without relevance.
Relevance is useless without action.
Action is pointless, if not precise.

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