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DPT career primer to grow your career via updocmedia by Dr. Ben Fung

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Hey everyone,

We’re really excited to make this announcement of building out the DPT Career Primer to be made available in time for you 2016 DPT new grads — empowering you with game changing content on:

  1. Understanding the Job Market
  2. When/How/Where To Apply To Jobs
  3. Building Your Resume
  4. Interviewing For Your 1st Job
  5. Negotiating Your Salary
  6. Making The Most Of Your 1st Year

The Career Primer will comprise of 6 months of content, bundled into one convenient package for your up and coming new grads. It is the early release version of the DPT Career Accelerator which will cover 18 months of content from your clinicals into the first five years of the DPT career path.

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And finally, below is a preview in both video and podcast versions: