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Job interviews are designed to go both ways. The employer is feeling out the prospective candidate for fit, just as much as the candidate should be investigating the company as a good place to grow into. However, many interview experiences leave the candidates feeling completely out of control. After all, isn’t it the company that has the power?

Not true. In fact, since about 2012, projected through about 2022 — the physical therapy job market is actually far more an employee’s market than an employer’s market. That said, here are 10 essential interview questions you NEED to ask to get a full picture of the opportunity you are considering stepping into.

10 Essential Interview Questions To Ask Employers

These ten questions are powerful. More likely than not, asking just two or three of these will completely fill the time slot of an interview. Getting in four or five…? That’s going to be a looong conversation. Nevertheless, you’ll have these in your toolbox for the appropriate set of circumstances when the time is right.

  1. What does success in this company look like?
  2. What does a typical career cycle look like for this department?
  3. Ask about the ENTIRE compensation package.
  4. Ask about the process of performance appraisals.
  5. How do opportunities present themselves within this organization?
  6. How will orientation unfold for new hires? Is it any different for new grads?
  7. What are some Pain Points for this business unit?
  8. What are some Gain Making opportunities for this business unit?
  9. How long has this position been open?
  10. How can I make your life easier as my prospective team leader?

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