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We are back with the Talent Acquisition and Retention Report, an e-periodical by UpDoc, Inc.!

Amidst much talk of the Great Resignation and the challenges of talent acquisition, this edition focuses on bridging the gap between what the workforce desires and what hiring managers are looking for.


For years, one of the greatest business challenges expressed by practice owners and managers of all levels was found in talent acquisition. With the outbreak of the pandemic, and with changing times with the Great Resignation, we are expanding our data collection and scope of report to both talent acquisition and retention.

As with many of our survey and report series, our intent has been to create a channel where voices could be heard to help build a consensus and to help bridge the gap between what can constructively made into collaborative pieces of a whole workforce insight — from line staff to c-suite.


This edition features the viewpoints of both applicants and decision makers; tackling not just the desired facets of either applicant or opportunity, but also where people are actively searching/recruiting — tackling the ever (alarming) present topic of burnout, and, opens the discussion to a free-response-item akin to UpDoc’s “Dear Employer… Dear Employees” content piece, which will be reflected in this report. We also uncover which setting currently hosts the happiest employees — which hints back at points of discussion in this year’s Practice Management Report — specifically,  in sharp reference to anecdotally where most hiring managers fear they shall be losing their talent.

Key Features and Report Sections

  • Deal Makers, Deal Breakers, and Must Haves
  • What would make me leave?
  • What would make me stay?
  • Why am I burning out?
  • Voices to be Heard — Open Sharing
  • Who is being head hunted?
  • Where are people looking for jobs?
  • Intention to Stay of the Workforce, including management!
  • Which setting is the happiest? Which is the least?
  • What are various tiers of management looking for in their new hires?
  • What is the talent pool looking for in positions that would make them say, "YES!"

Sneak Preview Snapshots

updoc talent report burnout 2022

Preview on the Burnout Discussion

There is MUCH discussion on this in the report. A few key areas of discussion include:

  • 72.26% of the talent is burnt out in some way.
  • 80.65% of management feels the same.
  • Interestingly enough, management is more likely to stay at their role — but, not by much a meaningful margin.

Preview on Leave or Stay?

There is much revealed in this edition of the report regarding what the workforce (at all levels) are willing to stay for, what they would leave because of, and their general mindset in terms of what they value most in their workplace.

We break this entire area down between line staff workforce, managers, and executive/ownership level management voices.

updoc talent report reasons for leaving 2022
updoc talent report talent deal breaker 2022

Preview on Deal Maker, Deal Breaker, and Must Haves

Especially in this present/post-COVID healthcare environment, we need to take a careful look at the health of our workforce at large.

It is interesting to note that insufficient pay is only the 3rd ranked reason why someone might leave their job. In fact, in nearly all responses, it wasn't that pay alone was the factor — it came with thoughts of recognition and meaning behind one's work.

Beyond this, it should be generally alarming that the #1 ranked item for the Talent to leave a deal at the table would be that of production requirements. We dive into the details and potential reasons behind this in the report body — definitely worth a read on this point, alone.

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