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Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Job Market Pulse Report!

This edition is a BIG one and comes off the heels of the 2022 Talent Acquisition and Retention Report. The biggest coverage this edition presents is a state-by-state comparison of information that carries considerations of cost of living as well as comparative pay against the national average.

This edition also features:

  1. Ratio based calculations for the major roles in Rehab Therapy.
  2. A strong discussion on the need for job market normalcy and confidence.
  3. The first ever three year rolling average and analysis based on role and setting.
  4. And, a deep dive into the financial differential of pay versus cost of living.
Top 3 and Bottom 3 State - Job Market Pulse 2022

As a teaser, we can share our top 3 and bottom 3 states by pay; and, just below the Pay vs. COL color coded map.

As another sneak preview into the data shared in this 2022 Pulse edition: A reasonable range a Rehab Therapist Assistant Pay can be seen as a ratio and can be calculated by setting and location.

Off the top: If you are a PTA, a PT would make ~30% more; or, that you would make -23% less than a PT.

This is cross transferable respective to rehab therapy discipline.

When comparing roles:

  • Rehab Therapy Managers make 14.53% more than PTs.
  • Occupational Therapists make -7.93% less than PTs.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant -22.65% less than PTs.
  • PT Residents make -24.54% less than PTs.
  • And, Rehab Aide/Tech/Support/Reception makes approximately -66.75% than PTs.
Job Market Pulse 2022 State by State Salary Report - UpDoc Media

Covering the ever popular State by State comparison, again with this edition looking also at Cost of Living (COL) — there is an entire table of each state and where they fall in terms of above or below average pay versus above or below average cost of living.

UPDATE NOTE:  2022 report edition 1.1 — we were made aware that our New Jersey numbers hosted an error in the state's average and standard deviation with the original release. This has been corrected as a 1.1 edition which has been updated and is made available through the form below. If you had signed up prior, submitting the form below will deliver a new link with the 1.1 edition. Thank you!

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