The Content You Need to Know
In the Chinese heritage, the idea of Feng Shui goes back to the idea of harmony one’s surroundings. Here at UpDoc Media, we’re going to pull from this approach and apply it to business in a special segment called “Business Fung Shui: Doing Business the Fung Way.”

As there are many types of businesses out there, we often wonder: What is the best way? What is the most responsible way? What is the most efficient way? And, what is the most advantageous way?

Business Fung Shui will be taking you through a journey of how to make your business as balanced and efficient as it can be. In each episode, we’ll cover a business principle and follow it up with a relevant case study as to see how the principle unfolded in a real life situation. We will then cover a couple actionables for you to take home and apply to your own business, creating more perfect harmony of strong relationships and a sharp looking bottomline.

Stay tuned and stay connected by using the hashtag #BizFungShui. Also, be sure to comment with your questions as we’re most interested in covering content that you are most interested in.