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Welcome to the EMR Wishlist Survey Results, presented by UpDoc Media. Our team is thrilled and privileged to unveil this content piece as part of our Summer 2018 practice management, business development, and career growth series.

The impetus behind launching this survey began after numerous conversations with the general Physical Therapy and healthcare provider community, as well as with some of our marketing customers and consulting clients. The central problem was shared by all, regardless of size, scale, or specialty — our lives as healthcare providers, now in some part or whole, revolve around Electronic Medical Records and/or Electronic Health Records.

Much of our clinical care, documentation, billing, finances, practice management, and even some marketing competencies flow through this mission critical technology. For some, this is a fantastic upgrade from “the old paper chart.” For others, it’s created its own set of new problems… despite what gains the technology has made — making us “miss the good old days.”

Regardless, we all know that EMRs are here to stay, and in fact, are likely to be fully mandated by the marketplace in due time. Therefore, the UpDoc Media team felt it was important to bridge the gaps by running an open voice survey (The EMR Wishlist Survey). In this survey, we hoped to answer questions such as: What do EMR companies need to know from their consumer base? What can they do to improve? What are they doing right? What wish list items could truly make clinicians’ lives easier?

Well… It. Is. TIME!
We are ready to reveal the results.

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