The Content You Need to Know
A few years back, we ran an epic talent acquisition survey which turned into a talent acquisition report — answering the ever common concerns of what talent is looking for, what employers are looking for, and most importantly, how to bridge these connections into productive conversations.

This year, we are pleased to once again host another survey: The 2018 Talent Acquisition Survey which will naturally then become the 2018 Talent Acquisition Report. What will be in the survey/report? Well… ! Answer to questions like:

  • What are some absolute deal makers for hire?
  • What are some deal BREAKERS for considering an employer?
  • Where, locationally, DO you want to work?
  • How important is culture? What about setting?
  • What about flexibility in schedule? Work-life-balance? Stress?

We’re going a completely new route with a new, fun interface for filling out this survey. It plays best on your mobile device so… check it out and click on the link below!