The 2024 Talent Acquisition & Retention Survey

Time has flown – and, it’s already April! As is our custom, during Spring we like to survey the Physical Therapy and allied Rehab Therapy audience on the topic of TALENT.

We are happy to share that the 2024 Talent Acquisition and Retention Survey is now open! This year, we are focusing down on what 90% of practice managers are stating is a problem in part, in combination, or in whole:

The acquisition of new hires, and retention of respective current workforce members.

As always, this survey is anonymous; however, we are adding a new section this year for those interested in making a meaningful connection between prospective employers, potential candidates, or just for general networking.

All members of the workforce, at all levels – are ALL encouraged to participate in this survey. We have talent and management specific sections; there is also an open response aspect as well.

All together, this survey should take 3-5 minutes. Thanks in advance for your contributions in better connecting our industry’s workforce to our employer organizations and decision makers!

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Job Market Pulse – 2024 Report

Highlights of this edition of the Pulse:

  • Recruitment revisited – this edition investigates once again where are people looking for jobs? And, where do they prefer to do so?
  • There is a Manager’s Pay and there is a “Manager’s” Pay.
  • Most settings had an increase in pay compared to the last time span of reporting; however, there were some losses for PTAs in Inpatient and Home health.
  • An appreciable positive skew in the distribution, meaning that our industry follows the macro norms by which the mean lie above the median. This can lead to a certain feeling of indigence, depending on where ones reference point lies.
  • State by State vs. Cost of Living comparisons are back!
Get The Report 10 PT Employee Statistics You Cannot Ignore in 2024

It’s no industry secret that 90% of employers are struggling with hiring, retention, or both. This article covers the major (if not alarming) trends that require attention for this year – the highlights include:

  • 41% Of Employees To Walk Out On Employers In 2024
  • 80% of the Workforce Says Mediocrity is Tolerated… Even REWARDED
  • Lack of Transparency totals 58% of the Reasons Your Job Postings Are IGNORED
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Ready to add your voice?

Without further ado, we invite you to join us with the 2024 Talent Acquisition & Retention Survey!

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