2024 Talent Acquisition and Retention Report


Never made more clear than at the end of year, 2023 Practice Management Report, we learned that 90% of practice managers were struggling with new hires, retention, or both. This problem isn’t new. Talent management has been the singular most consistent struggle for physical therapy and allied rehab therapy at large for the past many years – exacerbated and accelerated since the pandemic era. 

As is our tradition, when Spring comes around, we release the Talent Acquisition and Retention Survey after releasing the beginning of year Job Market Pulse salary report. This report reflects the most recent updates to our survey and report series on talent.


This 2024 edition of the Talent Acquisition and Retention Report explores some of the detail and nuance behind the job market as it pertains to Intention to Stay versus a candidate actively looking for a new job. In the past, it wasn’t clear if intention meant action – it should be noted that we’ve, on numerous occasions, via our reports or through the Corporate Quality Podcast – have noted that intention to stay and intention to seek better opportunities elsewhere, while classically linked, CAN indeed exist in parallel. Nevertheless, there seems to be some multivariate thresholds now emerging thanks to both quality and quantity of data within the Talent series.

Additionally, we explore norms in management – particularly, titles versus duties. In the past, many clinicians felt that they were promoted “in name only”… that while they received a fancy nameplate, their responsibilities were more or less the same with additional administrative requirements on top. We explore this sentiment by the numbers in this report edition.

Finally, we tackle some curiosities such as executive versus line management sentiment, as well as how much of our workforce is working more than one job. Beyond this, the usual requisite questions are being answered: Why would someone leave a job? Why would someone stay? We already know why they would apply… so, what is next in that step to get them to say, YES… and, STAY?!

Insights & Answers You’ll Be Interested In

  • What would make Talent versus Managers STAY at a job?
  • What would make Talent versus Managers LEAVE a job?
  • If workforce members have decided to leave, how much time do you have?
  • If managers decide to leave, how much time to do you have? Does it matter if it is line management versus executives?
  • What does the workforce prefer: Paying someone more to do more, or paying someone less but making for a better work environment?
  • How long is it taking most hiring managers to fill an open position?
  • What 4 factors create over 50% of the reasons Talent might STAY?
  • What is the normal amount of admin time versus patient care for various managerial roles and titles?

Just A Couple Teasers

Within the workforce, what is the distribution who are working just one job versus multiple jobs? Are any of those jobs outside of the industry? We dive into this in the report!

Who is actually on the active job search? Does it matter if it is talent versus management?

Predictive Thresholds: Can UpDoc
predict turnovers through KPIs?

Answer: Yes, yes we can. Read about it in the report, and be sure to sign up if you’re an employer or decision maker for first dibbs at our upcoming talent acquisition and retention program via corporate quality!

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