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Episode 16: The Cost of Doing Business... (Physical Therapy and Beyond)

A few years ago we talked about a concept of missionary vs mercenary. Business is approached in a variety of ways. But ultimately there is a cost of doing business. That cost, and the consequences, is what we discuss.

Key discussions in this episode:

  1. Who are you hiring and WHY? Are they the right person at the right time, or are they the worker to fill the space until you find the right person?
  2. Purpose and Belonging. How are you creating a truly cohesive team that is willing to be there for each other?
  3. Why would a team of individuals decide to stick through the tough times despite financial difficulties?
  4. What are the guiding key questions that you need to regularly ask yourselves and your organizations?
  5. Many times, the cost of doing business is seen primarily as a financial consideration. However, there are many more dimensions that need to be investigated for the long term health and growth of any company of any size.

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