The Corporate Quality Index (CQI) – Summer 2021 Report

A common question asked across the job market is this:

“Which employers are worth working for?”

Today, we are pleased to release the CQI Summer 2021 edition of this industry report series.

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Be sure to give the above summary video a watch – we unpack a lot of context and additional insights to what is discussed in the report.

We also have some immediate discussion points available below, for those interested in the executive summary edition of the report – with a critical highlight on the looming human capital crisis within allied rehab therapy and healthcare at large.

Key Takeaway and Report Features Include:

  1. Corporate culture is made measurable.
  2. Turnover is going to be a nightmare throughout the 2020s.
  3. Employees at risk for turnover are not likely to be retained by a salary increase.
  4. There is evidence building for using CQI as predictive modeling for company turnover.
  5. New evidence, suggesting optimal organizational structure based on size and scale.
  6. Data delineation between organizational size (number of employees) and scale (number of locations).
  7. Nearly 300 listed employers with their respective quality indices, named in this report. You can reference this for future employment opportunities and/or how your workforce gauges your organization at present.

A Few Key Areas of Discussion

Ownership Mindset & Managing Mediocrity

A corporation’s Tolerance to Mediocrity is a dangerous thing which requires ample attention in order to enact proper risk management.

Talent Acquisition Report series that top talent keeps loyal to employers with good corporate cultures. Regardless of what the organization might be able to offer in compensation, it is the team they work with and the environment they work in that makes it or breaks it for an at risk employee.

There is also a culminating effect where strong talent creates good culture which attracts more strong talent. Like begets like. Excellence attracts excellence.

After all, Intention to Stay is asked across “the next 12 months” – when that time comes, it is often too late. Savvy organizations that wish to cultivate stable human capital and talent pools must get ahead of the ball. The singular aspect within the Corporate Quality Index may very well serve to be the first line of defense in this regard.

We talk in depth about this
predictive index item in the report.

Intention to Stay

  • 24% of the workforce intends to stay.
  • 55% of the workforce is ready to leave.
  • The remainder are “neutral” to their circumstances.
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