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The World of Professional Sports Medicine w/Seattle Seahawks Physical Therapist Dr. Mike Tankovich

“If you can’t explain it really well and its taking up time it probably shouldn’t in your your rehab…” – Mike Tankovich

Dr. Tankovich showing off his bling
Dr. Tankovich showing off his bling

Lets say you really like sports. Maybe you played a sport or idolized an athlete. For the sake of conversation, lets say you decided that you want sports to some how be part of your adult life. As we all know (ok as most of us know), that adult life requires a job to pay for all the adult bills and responsibilities (do I sound like your parents yet?). So how do you combine your passion for sports while also making a living? If you are Dr. Mike Tankovich you become a physical therapist and get a job working for the Seattle Seahawks…DUH! It’s that simple, sort of.

For many young aspiring clinicians the dream of working for/with a professional sports team is one they often work for. Very few actually achieve it. We’ve had another such lucky (depending on perspective) guest already in Sue Falsone (check out her podcast here). So how did Dr. Tankovich get the job? How does his job differ than most mere mortal physical therapy jobs? Does the Seahawks training room have a never ending supply of skittles? Questions to all these answers and more can be found in the podcast! Enjoy!!