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Have you ever heard the saying “you really won’t know where you are going if you have no idea where you came from?” No? Well you just did. Why am I bringing it up? I think it really relates to a very important perspective that is not always properly heard. That perspective is from physical therapy students. It makes sense to me. Lets see if it makes sense to you as well. Ok here goes…

Physical therapy students, affectionally known as DPT students or better yet #DPTstudent, are very important for our future. Why? Because they ARE the future. The upcoming generations of clinicians will be fighting battles that we started and hopefully growing from perspectives that we have not or did not want to see. Their thoughts matter or at least should matter. Which brings us to this podcast.

Recently, I reached out on twitter ( @TherapyInsiders) and asked for students that are interested in participating in a new podcast. I wanted to get a few students, talk to them separately, and make a single episode of it. I had several contact me and we chatted. The podcast you will hear is comprised of me combining three perspectives from Dan Allen (@dcallen39), Matt Stoltman (@MGStolt) and Scott McAfee (@McAfeePT).

The point was to get a real perspective without fluff, rehearsed political answers and most importantly genuine insight. I think they delivered. Have a listen and let me know what you think. The future seems bright.